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Monday, 17th December

Wealth Management

SchulthessZimmermann works across the entire spectrum of Private Wealth Management with particularly strong expertise in the recruitment of high-caliber management talent in the areas of Front Office, Investment Products and Services as well as Strategy and Business Management.

The recruitment of senior management positions for various markets and client segments as well as relationship managers and business developers is as much part of our daily practice as the search for leadership talent across the entire spectrum of executive and board positions. The identification of key talent for a specific client segment, market or region, as well as daily bankers and investment advisors concludes our service range. We have successfully completed projects in various geographies including the UK, Switzerland, Germany, the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as Russia.

Through our comprehensive and broad expertise in the financial and especially the private banking industry, we are able to support you strategically throughout the entire recruitment process and provide additional guidance on candidate suitability and other assessment aspects. As the financial and banking world of today continues to undergo constant change, we benefit from our international expertise and reach, and are able to apply best practices across our search process.