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Monday, 17th December

Investment Banking

The last years have brought substantial volatility to Capital Markets, which is still ongoing and has to be reflected in future organizational structures. At SchulthessZimmermann we help clients to respond to market, regulatory and firm-specific changes and challenges. SchulthessZimmermann advises on divisional structuring, team set-ups as well as expert and specialist positioning across all Investment Banking product groups and business lines.
SchulthessZimmermann has been involved in searches for senior positions in the Investment Banking Division including Mergers & Acquisitions Vice President roles as well as senior and country management level positions, Equity and Debt Capital Markets product specialists and coverage roles in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. SchulthessZimmermann also places particular emphasis on recruitment within the area of Sales & Trading. We have successfully completed projects within derivatives sales, structuring and trading, as well as in cash products for all asset classes.  

In today’s evermore volatile world it is crucial to excel through strong leadership and high-caliber talent thereby building organizational structures and teams that are able to master the uncertainty and the challenges which lie ahead.

Maintaining organizational flexibility to the greatest possible extent while at the same time ensuring business continuity and maximum market responsiveness is one of the key considerations in our advisory work with senior leaders and global organizations.