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Monday, 17th December


Rapid developments, technological innovations, new regulatory and reporting guidelines as well changing customer needs are shaping a dynamic insurance practice environment. Schulthesszimmermann consultants have an excellent understanding of the market conditions and the corresponding needs of their clients and as a result, we tailor our searches to each specification and need.

At Schulthesszimmermann, our pool of expertise allows us to stay abreast the knowledge needed to understand an increasingly competitive insurance practice environment. This competition is driven by changes in the industry; digital disruption is a key factor, as technology trends ranging from blockchain and artificial intelligence to cyber risk emerge. Global influencers such as Brexit and changing regulatory requirements led by the US result in uncertainty in the industry. Additionally, evolving customer expectations and dynamic markets requires the insurance business to adapt fluidly to the ever-changing scene.

SchulthessZimmermann utilizes its local international experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of the insurance practice to expertly advise you throughout the search process, define and shape candidate skill-sets as well as requirements aligned with the strategic direction and culture of the firm.  

Our pool of industry knowledge and expertise allows us to stay up-to-date the knowledge needed to understand an increasingly competitive insurance environment.