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Monday, 17th December


The financial service industry is facing a wave of digitalization that has started to redefine the sector. As in many other fields, technological innovation and automatization have also been rapidly rising in the financial service sector. Startups emerge with new and highly-innovative business models while the established firms excel in the automatization of existing processes and identify opportunities to invest in new technology to capture growth and valuation. 

SchulthessZimmermann has been involved in recruitment across the core areas such as payments & transactions, equity crowdfunding, financial research, Robo-Advisors (asset management), remittances and peer-to-peer lending (debt financing), as well as in retail banking. We have been involved in international searches for functional specialists as well as senior management roles including building dedicated digital labs and innovation teams for major financial services and also insurance firms. Typically, such searches have been very international in scope, including the UK, Amsterdam, Berlin and some of the other Central and Eastern European technology hubs, to identify talent on behalf of our clients.

Digital leadership is becoming increasingly important and therefore the corresponding digital dimension has to be assessed for almost every senior management and board appointment. The expertise outlined above provides us with a strong position in the market to advise our clients in this field on required skill-sets and expertise in a broader context.