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Monday, 17th December

August 2018

Matthias Schulthess comments on Bloomberg on recent Succession at the top of Investment Banks [PDF]

August 2018

Swiss Banks Survive Economic War of Global Secrecy Crackdown Bloomberg [PDF]

July 2018

The Top 40 Family Office Advisers [PDF]

July 2018

Article St. Galler Tagblatt [PDF]

July 2018

payoff magazine on capital markets and structured products: talents in demand[PDF]

July 2018

Interview Robert Zimmermann and Stephan Peterhans on career planning and transformation [PDF]

April 2018

Participation in the LeAD accelerator programme in Berlin [PDF]

April 2018

Article Blick Newspaper: Testimonials and Work Certificates[PDF]

January 2018

Private Banking Magazine – European expansion at SchulthessZimmermann[PDF]

February 2018

Präsentation Matthias Schulthess an der CFA Generations Conference: Neue Generation von Family Officers: Investment Managers, Leaders and Beyond[PDF]

January 2018

SchulthessZimmermann opens office in Munich and expands European footprint [PDF]

January 2018

Matthias Schulthess participates in the Media-Panel at Finanz’18 on the 1st of February 2018[PDF]

January 2018

SchulthessZimmermann participates in the CFA Generations Conference 2018 on the 5th of March 2018[PDF]

December 2017

Article Blick Newspaper: Salary Negotiations [PDF]

November 2017

Schweizer Bank - Partner Appointment[PDF]

November 2017

SchulthessZimmermann appoints Partner [PDF]

October 2017 Interview Matthias Schulthess: «Banker Salaries Will Come Down» []

December 2016

HSG Alumni Career Event: Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)[PDF]

November 2016

SchulthessZimmermann signs Code of Conduct of Swiss employers association to increase female participation in the board room[PDF]

September 2016

Neue Zuercher Zeitung: A professional approach to selection pays off[PDF]

August 2016

Neue Zuercher Zeitung commentary: Hannes Stettler[PDF]

August 2016 Family Offices – Last chance for Private Bankers?[PDF]

June 2016

Reuters News commentary: Matthias Schulthess[PDF]

March 2015

The successful set-up of dedicated family office divisions [PDF]

February 2015

Top talent for Family Offices [PDF]

September 2014 

Neue Zuercher Zeitung: Identifying the right executive talent[PDF]

March 2013

Private Magazine: Recruitment Trends in Wealth Management[PDF]

March 2012

HWZ Newsletter: Interview Matthias Schulthess[PDF]

February 2012

SF TV commentary: Matthias Schulthess[PDF]

January 2012

London Business School Project: Successful completion of strategy work[PDF]

December 2011

Payoff Magazine: Derivatenmarkt 2012 - Die Arbeitspakete der Emittenten sind geschnürt[PDF]

November 2011

Press release: SchulthessZimmermann - New Executive Search firm in Zurich and London[PDF]

November 2011 Two former bankers co-found an executive search firm[PDF]